Microorganism based Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-pest controllers

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Inclusive Growth : To be the most trusted organization for all stakeholders achieving excellence, being socially responsible and unlocking value resulting in inclusive growth


To identify and aggregate MSMEs having high potential and expertise, facilitating vertical growth, unlocking value, while complimenting the existing promoters, who shall continue to manage, being at helm of affairs


The Trading Window is closed for Q1 (2023-24) results announcement, from 01-July-2023 until 48 hours after the financial result for quarter ending 30th June 2023 is announced

14 Jun 2023

The Notice for AGM 2023, to be conducted on September 20,2023, along with Annual report, notification on book closure and other associated documents has been published

NCLT, Chennai, has approved the Resolution plan submitted by IBL Healthcare Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of IBL.

M/s. KNISS LABORATORIES PRIVATE LIMITED has become a subsidiary of M/s. IBL Healthcare Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of IBL

IBL has announced the financial results for quarter and year ending 31 Mar 2023

29 Aug 2023

25 Aug 2023

25 Aug 2023

29 Jun 2023

IBL Healthcare Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of IBL, acquires 36.92% equity in M/S Peekay Mediequip Limited, a medical equipment manufacturer, as a first step towards making it a subsidiary

13 Jul 2023

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